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Infinite Memory is a puzzle game that helps you improve your memory and brings great challenges for you to overcome in the quest for new records.


  • Compare your scores with friends and the whole world
  • Unlock achievements while improving your memory
  • Earn diamonds playing to help you achieve ever greater records
  • Spend your diamonds gains using the items to help you in difficult times.
  • Control everything with one finger
  • Play just 10 seconds after starting the game


  • Online Rankings
  • 18 achievements
  • 9 languages available
  • 6 different themes


  • Use all of your memorization time
  • Use the help of items in difficult times
  • Choose a theme that suits you


Infinite Memory will be updated regularly with your suggestions. Do not forget to leave a review.

If you want to submit a suggestion, question or report a problem send an email to: onildo.aguiar@gmail.com

Important message for parents:

This game includes advertisements for products and services.

Infinite Memory is a game completely developed and published by Onildo Aguiar.

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