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SPACELIKE is a realtime strategy RPG with roguelike elements.The challenge is to work with your attack and defense bars to beat the enemy spaceship.

Game developed for the challenge of A Thinking Ape for VanHackathon.


How to play

  • Press the green button to attack (Aim icon);
  • Press the blue button to defend (Shield icon);
  • Press the button flashing up the bar vertically to release your skill.


  • Attack the enemy while he defends himself has 0 damage and charges the enemy's skill bar;
  • Attack the enemy while he attacks has 1x damage;
  • Attack the enemy while he is defenseless has 2x damage;
  • Defend yourself when your enemy attacks recharges your skill bar;
  • Not defend yourself against your enemy attacks has 2x damage.



SPACELIKE_0.0.1.apk 19 MB

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