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Oh no, the magic sword of power has been lost (again)! Time to retrieve it (again)! This time, why not spend some time creating an AI that can retrieve it for you? Then you won't have to spend so much time running and jumping all over the place.

Create a simple platformer game, with the following elements:

  • Platforms to jump up on to
  • Pits with spikes to fall in
  • An entrance
  • An exit

Create a player character that is AI controlled. The AI should:

  • Attempt to find the exit
  • Jump over pits
  • Jump onto platforms if blocked by a wall or pit too large to jump over

Create a minimum of 3 levels for the AI to progress through. Good luck!

AuthorOnildo Aguiar


DigitGamingChallenge_OnildoAguiar_x86.zip 11 MB
DigitGamingChallenge_OnildoAguiar_x86_64.zip 13 MB
DigitGamingChallenge_OnildoAguiar.apk 19 MB

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